20 Modern Pixie Shag Haircuts for Stylish Older Women

A cropped cut is a fantastic way to eliminate chemically or naturally damaged parts of your hair. It’s also great for welcoming gray strands if they start to grow out.

A pixie shag must be done over a series of appointments, says stylist Alana Downey of Iwakuni, Japan. Having two haircuts with 2-3 months between sessions is advisable. Downey explains, “This will make you more comfortable with the realities of short hair. Eventually, you can decide whether to leave your hair at its current length or go on with your pixie journey.”

Take your time to decide, and make sure it’s what you want because once your hair is gone, it’s gone. Chopping your hair short is a commitment, and so is growing it back. “We’re talking 2-3 years of growth to get any real, “stylable” length. There’ll be an awkward in-between stage where it’s not short nor too long enough,” says Downey about the cuts drawback.

This might be the sign to revamp your hairstyle. Check out these inspiring images of the best and trendiest pixie shag haircuts for older women!

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Fun Pixie Shag for Older Women with salt and pepper aging hair

Salt and Pepper Short Shaggy Pixie for Old Ladies

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