25+ Chic Short Layered Bob with Bangs for an Eye-Catching Crop

A short layered bob with bangs has pieces stacked around the head for added texture and volume. It’s customizable to accentuate facial features and suits women of any age.

Independent stylist Alaina Walker from Denton, TX shares her golden rule on this gem. “Take your natural hair texture into consideration,” she states.

Women’s tresses are nonidentical. What seems perfect on others may not flatter you. Thus, your hair texture, type, and density must be taken into account when chopping your lengthy tresses short.

Remember that communication between you and your stylist is significant. A proper consultation would determine if a bob cut suits your facial features and your hair type.

Walker notes, “This short layered hairstyle could work for any lady. Yet, it’s essential to have realistic expectations of how your hair will appear with this look.”

If you’re blessed with thick and wavy locks, this short-length cut isn’t the best choice. “If the layers get too short, it couldn’t style correctly. The hair may seem a bit bigger rather than accenting the right features,” she warns.




Classic Short Brunette Stacked Bob with visible layers

Feathered stacked bob with piece-y layers
Short Stacked Bob with Blonde Balayage
Wedge stacked bob for women over 70

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